Best playgrounds, parks and zoos for young kids in Berlin

The best outdoor activities for kids under 10 in Berlin.

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The Playground Tausend und eine Nacht in Berlin Neukoelln

Berlin has a lot of urban green. Here are some good spots for families with children:

Playgrounds in Berlin

Dracula playground in Neukölln

The Dracula playground is in the southern part of Neukölln. It's a huge playground with various areas for toddlers and children up to 10 years. It has some areas in the shade too and a small kiosk selling snacks.

Dracula playground location on Google maps

The fairy tale of 1001 night playground in Hasenheide, Neukölln

The 1001 night or Aladdin playground is in the middle of the park Hasenheide in Neukölln, close to Hermannplatz. It's a lovely themed playground with lots of shade. A nearby kiosk is selling food.

Location of the Spielplatz 1001 Nacht on Google maps

Wooden Alladin sculpture on the playground in Berlin

The Aladdin playground in Neukölln

World playground in Treptower Park

The World playground or Weltspielplatz inside the Treptower park is a huge playground with a themed area for each continent. There are large climbing constructions and slides and a little bit of shade. The nearby Insel der Jugend has a restaurant where you can hang out close to the river.

Location of the Weltspielplatz Treptower Park on Google maps

The sand area on the World playground in Treptower Park

Slide with a tiger head on the World playground in Treptower Park

Climbing construction on the World playground in Treptower Park

Forest playground in Plänterwald, Treptow

The Plänterwald starts right after the Insel der Jugend and is a nice walk in a city forest. There is a small playground inside the forest.

Location of the Waldspielplatz Plänterwald on Google maps

Zoos and animal parks in Berlin

Petting zoo Hasenheide, Neukölln

The Streichelzoo in the Hasenheide park in Neukölln is just around the corner from Hermannplatz and features a nice playground suitable for toddlers and many animals and is close to the Aladdin playground.

Location of the Tierpark Neukölln in der Hasenheide on Google maps

Petting zoo Görlitzer Park, Kreuzberg

The Streichelzoo in Görlitzer Park in Kreuzberg has some smaller animals.

Location of the Kinderbauernhof Görlitzer Park on Google maps

Tierpark Berlin Karlshorst

The Tierpark in Karlshorst is a big zoo where you can easily spend a day.

Location of the Tierpark Berlin on Google maps

Zoo Berlin and Aquarium, Charlottenburg

The Berliner Zoo in Charlottenburg is close to Tiergarten park. The Aquarium is an option for rainier days.

Location of the Zoo Berlin on Google maps

Location of the Aquarium Berlin on Google maps

Parks in Berlin

Mauerpark, Prenzlauer Berg

The Mauerpark in Prenzlauer Berg features two playgrounds.

Location of the Mauerpark Berlin on Google maps

Britzer Garden, Neukölln

The Britzer Garden is a huge park with a small entry fee. It features several lakes and many spaces for pick-nick although barbecue is not allowed. Several small kiosks sell food.

Location of the Britzer Garden on Google maps

Sandpit in the Grünewald forest

In the middle of the Grünewald forest is a large sandpit. Kids can roll down the hill and there is lots of sand to build castles.

Location of the Sandgrube Grünewald on Google maps

Gardens at Tempelhofer Feld

The gardens inside the Tempelhofer Feld offer a lot of green, sometimes people play music and you can ride your bicycle, skateboard or inline skates on the landing strip.

Location of the Tempelhofer Feld on Google maps

Plants and a bench in a garden on the Templehofer Feld

An empty landing strip at the Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin

Gleisdreieck Park, Charlottenburg and Kreuzberg

The Gleisdreieck Park is an urban gem and offers a playground, a restaurant, places to skate and every couple of minutes a metro passes on the elevated tracks.

Location of the Gleisdreieck park on Google maps

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