The best car sharing apps in Berlin - 2024 review

My pick of the best apps for free-floating car rental in Berlin.

This post was last updated on July 5, 2023

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How does car sharing work?

Several providers offer car sharing in Berlin. The cars are parked in the streets or public parking lots and can be located via an app. Different types of cars are available from small cars to vans.

You unlock the car with an app and you can leave it anywhere inside a designated zone that usually comprises the inner S-Bahn ring in Berlin. Daily or monthly flat rates are also available.

Please note that you have to validate your driving license before the first ride in the app.

Requirements to use car sharing in Berlin

  • Miles car sharing requires a EU driver's license (credit card format) and a valid ID or passport. The driver must be at least 18 years old.
  • Sixt Share drivers must be 21 years or older and have a valid driving license.
  • WeShare drivers must be at least 21 years old and have held a EU drivers license for at least one year source.

What does car sharing cost in Berlin?

You can choose between different billing models. All providers in this article only charge when you use their service. Miles calculates the price according to kilometers driven, with the cost of a kilometer starting at €0.89/kilometer. Most other providers start at €0.19/minute. The fee per minute can increase with the class of the vehicle: more expensive cars have a higher fee per minute.

The costs depend on the brand and the size of the vehicle. There may be fees for new drivers or additional insurance. Most services charge a 1.- Euro unlock fee per ride, more for higher-value cars.

Fueling or charging is usually included in the fee-per-minute/distance packages but not in car subscriptions. Carsharing services provide you with a voucher if you refuel or charge the car.

Some car-sharing providers include free kilometers and additional charges apply if you drive more kilometers than included.

Parking on public streets and parking lots is usually free. Additional costs are charged for parking at the airport source.

Paying is usually by PayPal or credit card. Frequent users can save money if you kilometer or hour/day/week/month packages.

Where in Berlin is car sharing available?

Car-sharing services can be accessed almost anywhere in the Berliner inner S-Bahn ring and at the airport which is located outside Berlin.

What happens if I damage a car rented from Miles, Sixt Share or Share Now?

Cars from rental services come with a motor vehicle liability that covers damage to other cars or property and accidents with persons and most providers usually add comprehensive insurance for car theft or damages to the car caused by the driver. Comprehensive insurance in most cases requires a contribution from the driver for damage up to €1500 source.

I recommend always checking the car for any damages before you start the ride. Many insurance companies like carassure reduce the self-contribution in case of an accident to zero for a yearly fee starting at €50 which might be useful for frequent users.

The best apps for car sharing, scooter sharing and taxi in Berlin

I recommend FreeNow, Sixt Share, ShareNow and Miles for car sharing in Berlin.


The first app on my list is FreeNow.

FreeNow is a good choice if you easily want to use several mobility services: taxi, e-scooter, e-bikes, carsharing can all be used in one app.

FreeNow partnered with the following services at the time of writing:

E-scooter and e-bikes:

  • Voi
  • TIER
  • Dott
  • E-Roller

Carsharing services:

  • ShareNow
  • Miles
  • Sixt

A screenshot of the FreeNow website with offers for ShareNow, Miles and Sixt car-sharing


2019 DriveNow and car2go merged and became *ShareNow. The floating fleet includes many small cars as well as BMW and Mini convertibles.

Service area

ShareNow cars are available in most of Berlins' inner ring and some areas beyond, including the Berlin airport. The service area matches more or less Sixt Share's operating area.

The *ShareNow fleet includes cars from premium car makers BMW and Mercedes-Benz as well as smaller Mini or Smart cars.


*ShareNow has very competitive pricing and charges by the minute. ShareNow offers additional 2, 4, 6 hours or 1 to 30 days packages. The basic tariff starts at €0.09 per minute.

Sixt Share

Sixt Share offers e-scooter, e-bike, bike and car rentals through their app and is partnering with Miles.

Sixt Share offers the following hour and day packages:

  • 3 hours (50 kilometers included),
  • 6 hours (100 kilometers),
  • 1 day (200 kilometers),
  • 2 days (300 kilometers),
  • 3 days (400 kilometers),
  • 7 days (600 kilometers included).

Additional kilometers can be added for long-distance rides.

Three phones each displaying a different screen of the Sixt Share app


Sixt Share starts at €0.09 per minute but the price varies depending on time and location and is usually more expensive source. There is no unlock fee.

Service area

Sixth Shares' Berlin service area is one of the most extensive in Berlin and includes most of the inner ring although some smaller areas inside the ring are not served. The service areas include some parts of Adlershof in the southeast, the Berlin airport, and extend almost to Zehlendorf in the southwest and into Niederschönhausen in the north.

Miles car sharing

The *Miles fleet includes small cars, Teslas, Range Rovers as well as vans suitable for moving furniture. The Miles app is available in English and German.

Miles Mobility bought WeShare's electric car fleet in 2022. The WeShare cars are now integrated into the Miles service and available in the *Miles app source.

Service area

Miles cars are free floating and not tied to stations. The Miles cars can be found all over Berlin's inner ring source and Potsdam. You can drive a Miles car to some countries outside of Germany as long as you park it at the end of the rental in a designated area inside Germany.


Miles offers two car rental options:

Car sharing based on distance

The *Miles app charges by distance and not by the minute, starting at €0.89 per km for small cars and a minimum €1 unlock fee.

According to this user, Miles is more expensive than ShareNow for short distances unless there is a lot of traffic but they have “great cars, great coverage and good customer support”.

Car rental subscription

Miles supports car subscriptions if you prefer to have a car to yourself for any period between two months to a year. The monthly subscription rate includes everything except refueling and charging.

A screenshot of the Miles car rental service subscription web page with filters and three car offers, two Teslas and one Range Rover model. The cars are black on a white background.

*Download the Miles app here.

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