Berlin starter guides

Berlin is a great city to live but can be daunting when it comes to flat renting and for many administrative procedures. Our guides have many tips and tricks on how to make it in Berlin. Check out our Berlin starter guide.

The Oberbaumbrücke between Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg in Berlin with the Allianz tower in Treptow in the background

How to settle down in Berlin

Our Berlin articles help you with flat search, get a job, freelance and anything you need to know to be successful in Berlin.

All our guides are based on the experiences of expats who relocated from countries all over the world to Berlin.

We recommend that you begin reading with our Berlin starter guide. We walk you through all the necessary steps to settle down in Berlin as stress-free as possible.

Berlin Life

Get the most out of your life in Berlin.

Berlin transport

Guides to find your way around Berlin.

Berlin for kids

Berlin is a great city for children. We have some tips how to get your little ones into a Kita.