About this website

The website Germanyso is created by Laurent Delleré, a long-time Berlin resident.

All the guides on this website are based on my own experience or on the experiences of many people from all over the world I met while living and working in Berlin.

I worked for an international NGO in Berlin for many years. The idea for this website originated when I got asked the same questions by my colleagues about health insurance, visa procedures, finances and many more over and over again. I decided I might just extend my knowledge by doing proper research, collecting the experiences and answers to questions from my fellow expats and compiling everything into a website.

This website makes money using affiliate partner links. I always write the guide first, then check if any of the services I recommend has a partner program. In this case, I get some money if website users click on partner links or purchase services from partner organizations. I do not recommend services I do not believe in.

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