Find the best short term rental in Berlin

An overview of furnished apartments and short term rentals in Berlin.

This post was last updated on March 17, 2023

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This guide is for you if you just arrived in Berlin and need to find a place to sleep for the first months. Read my guide for hunting a long-term rental flat here.

There are several options to find a furnished flat in Berlin:

Furnished short term apartments in Berlin

Flats that allow registration

Important: you need the permission of the apartment owner to officially register an address. This is called Anmeldung. Registration is often a requirement to open a bank account in Berlin or to buy a German SIM card. Ask before renting a short term apartment if an official registration at the location is possible.

  • *Smartments offers short-term rentals for days, weeks or months and has special offers for business or student requirements. Flats can be one or two rooms and come completely equipped on request.
  • *Homelike rents furnished flats in Berlin and offers a 100% online service. You can filter for pet-friendly apartments. It is possible to get a registration certificate to officially register in Berlin for some of their apartments.
  • *Wunderflats. A registration certificate is possible for some apartments.
  • Crocodilian

More short term rental options

  • *Uniplaces offers shared apartments with private rooms in Berlin.
  • Housing Anywhere
  • iLive Berlin has all-inclusive, centrally located and friendly community flats in Berlin. The iLive location close to where I live has a basketball court on the roof.

Vacation apartments in Berlin

Classified ads for short term rentals in Berlin

  • – this is one of the biggest websites for classified ads in Germany. Tip: Search for Untermiete.
  • WG-Gesucht is the most popular website in Berlin for shared apartments. WG stands for Wohngemeinschaft.
  • WG-Suche is reportedly often used for scams source. I do not recommend using Craigslist for your flat search.

Some useful vocabulary about renting a flat in Berlin

  • UntermieteSublet – offer that refers to a room in a shared apartment or the entire apartment.

  • Wohngemeinschaft or WGShared apartments – can be anything from communities with a set of ethics and rules to profiteers subletting overpriced rooms.

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