How phone numbers work in Germany

How to dial a phone number in Germany.

This post was last updated on April 11, 2022
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Examples of German mobile phone numbers

Use this format when calling a German mobile phone number from inside Germany:

  • 0160 66 22 899
  • 0178 32 11 111

Use this format when calling a German mobile phone number from outside Germany:

  • 0049 160 66 22 899
  • 0049 178 32 11 111 -> You basically drop the zero at the beginning of the mobile phone number. This works from outside and inside Germany so it is the preferred format to save numbers on your phone.

Examples of German landline phone numbers with area codes

You need to add the area code to call a landline number from outside of the area.


  • Berlin: 030 62 51 xx
  • Munich: 089 xx xx xx
  • Münster: 0251 xx xx xx

Again, drop the zero if calling with the German country code from outside Germany f.e. 0049 30 62 51 xx or 0049 89 xx xx xx.

Emergency numbers

  • 116117 -> if you want to speak to a doctor
  • 110 -> police
  • 112 -> fire department or ambulance
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