How to succeed in Germany

Are you looking to relocate to Germany? Germany has well-paid jobs, an incredibly social and healthcare system and vibrant cities.

However, relocating to Germany can be a complex process and many newcomers quickly find themselves lost in bureaucracy. I know how confusing it can be to make it in Germany, which is why I wrote some guides for you.

To help you enjoy a great life in Germany, I have created a wide range of tips and in-depth guides to help you settle down. I will help you secure your dream job, apply for a visa, enjoy affordable healthcare, find the best mobile phone plan and learn how to love life the German way!

All of my guides are genuine and have been created based on the experiences of expats. I only recommend those services that I believe in, providing you with the smoothest way to relocate to Germany.

Freelancing and business

Are you looking to start a business or work for clients in Germany? Here are the basics to get you started with freelancing or running a business and earning money in Germany as a self-employed.

Jobs and work life

Are you looking for a job in Germany or need more information about taxes or social contributions? Our in-depth guides help you to understand everything you need to know about finding a job and settling down in Germany.

Visa and immigration

Successfully relocating to a new country requires the right documentation. If you are wondering how to get a visa in Germany from India, the United States, UK, Romania or anywhere in the world, our guides are here to help you.

The German visa process can be complex, which is why our in-depth guides will help explain the various types available to you. We will help you to understand work, freelance and student visas, as well as Blue Cards.


What can I expect from the German healthcare system? Where do I go when I am sick? What does medical treatment cost in Germany? We'll help you find the best public and private insurance plans, explain how the German health care system works and ensure you understand the best tips and tricks to save money.

Finding the right primary healthcare in Germany is essential and these guides will ensure you know exactly what to expect when relocating.

Set up a household

These guides will help you to understand exactly how to set up a household in Germany. All you need to know from finding the right electricity suppliers to identifying the best internet providers in Germany

How to succeed in Berlin

You just landed in Berlin and wonder how to land a flat, how to find a job and make ends meet? We have some tips and tricks to help you settle down in this marvelous city! Check out my Berlin starter guide.

How to settle down in Berlin

Our Berlin articles help you with flat search, get a job, freelance and anything you need to know to be successful in Berlin.

All our guides are based on the experiences of expats who relocated from countries all over the world to Berlin.

We recommend that you begin reading with our Berlin starter guide. We walk you through all the necessary steps to settle down in Berlin as stress-free as possible.